The Shower Organiser on the BBC Dragons' Den with Sara Davies

The Dragons' Den Loves This Shower Organiser

Is the ShowerGem the shower organiser that we all need in our lives? After seeing Sundays episode of the BBC's Dragons Den it certainly looks like it as new dragon, Sara Davies, certainly seemed to be very interested in both the ShowerGem itself and the entrepreneur behind it all, Sean Mc Garry.

So what's so special about this shower caddy?

By looking at The ShowerGem you can immediately see that it's a complete overhaul on the rusty metal, dreadful shower caddies that we're all used to. The ShowerGem looks sleek, modern & stylish and it has an accessible place for everything that you could need in a shower such as shampoos, razors & more but that's just the start. Founder Sean Mc Garry says the real beauty of this shower organiser is the magical glue which makes it so easy to install.

'I thought people's favorite thing about the ShowerGem would be that it is totally rustproof, how wrong was I... Customers are going mad for our unique glue which makes it so easy to install and means no more suction cups drilling or screws!'

This Caddy stores razors, soaps and bottles.

It can be clipped on/off your wall for easy cleaning.

'Standing infront of the Dragons was surreal'

On his time in the Den, Sean says it was both a surreal yet intense experience. Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden pressurized Sean to disclose private company details such as who supplies key parts of the product. When Sean refused to answer he came under close scrutiny by the Dragons who only intensified their line of questioning. Sara in particular seemed keen to find out the glue's orientations but Sean STUCK- I'll grab my coat- to his guns and refused to answer. In the words of the BBC, its a brave entrepreneur that says no to the Dragons!

On who gave him the toughest time in the Dragons Den, Sean said most definitely it was Peter Jones. He gave Sean some harsh opinions and didn't hold back in saying that he'd only make an offer if all future products were included in the deal regardless of whether they were to do with bathrooms or not. Sean declined to throw all future products to the mix and insisted that any deal done in the Den would solely be around around gadgets that solve issues with bathroom storage. This obviously irked Mr.Jones who then seemed to go the offensive for the rest of Sean's pitch.

In the end Sean is extremely happy with how his time in the Den went and he is looking forward to using the exposure gained by The ShowerGem Shower Organizer appearing on the Dragons Den to help propel his product onto store shelves across the UK.

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The Dragons Den is a BBC2 television programme where fledgling entrepreneurs fight to gain investment from one of the Dragons including Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones. The ShowerGem Shower Caddy appeared on the BBC Dragons' Den on Sunday 18th August 2019.

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